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Why is it that when we send emails to Hotmail many of the special characters are showing distorted and the styles set with in the code for colored text are not working?
Hotmail does not support CSS (style sheets) nor does Hotmail support extended character sets. This is a known issue with Hotmail and is not controlled by our software.

To mitigate these problems we recommend that you do not use extended character sets in your emails (such as MS Word's curly quotes and long hyphens) and that you define your HTML styles using FONT tags and other HTML 3.2 standards.

MS Word will often insert characters into the HTML code that cause problems in many software programs, including Hotmail. To mitigate this problem we recommend copying the text you have in MS Word and pasting it into Notepad then copying it from Notepad and pasting it into ResultsMail.

If you continue to have problems with strange characters appearing after copying text from MS Word, another area to look at is the "smart quotes" that MS Word inserts by default. You may turn these off in MS Word by going to Tools and AutoCorrect then AutoFormat As You Type. Here you will see the options for turning off the automatic replacement of standard quotes with smart quotes and standard hyphens with long dashes.

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