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ResultsMail has improved my ability to deploy effective email campaigns, track them down to the individual receiver and provides excellent reporting... the entire application has made me significantly more efficient. I would recommend it to anyone who needs to manage their email efforts and needs to stay compliant with CAN SPAM.

Ben Lazar Optio Software

ResultsMail helps me keep in touch with my realtors, so I can keep the business rolling in.

Jeb Smith Mortgage Broker, DirectLender.com

Resultsmail is a service-oriented company that has always taken the time to seek out my customer feedback and implement improvements. They offer a leading product in their field and the software is user-friendly. It can be used for a multitude of electronic communications, offers real-time measurement of results and supports the streamlining of your data management. Everyone I have personally introduced this to has shared my admiration for this highly adaptable tool that when maximized to it fullest potential is a cost effective difference-maker in gaining the competitive edge.

Brian R. Dye Director of Sales & Marketing, Peter Island Resort & Premier Resort Management Group

Although Johnny Cash is one of the most recognized entertainers in the world, it's still important to keep his legacy alive by communicating with his fans. When you operate an artist's Official web site, you can't risk offending fans with a less than top notch email marketing program. That's why I chose ResultsMail...they really Walk the Line for us!

Bill Miller Founder, JohnnyCash.com

ResultsMail was critical to helping get Barack Obama elected as president.

Kyle Cox Former Director, Campaign for Hope

ResultsMail took the guess work out of emails reaching our clients! It's been a great tool to get a message out and see the results right before your eyes!

Bob Arrivillaga Director of Sales, KSL Resorts

ResultsMail has been an invaluable addition to our web toolbox. We are able to create HTML emails within a few hours, which gives us a huge advantage when promoting Limited Time Offers. Plus, the customer service and response time provided by ResultsMail makes using the product easy and efficient.

Heidi Brashear Director of Marketing, Starwood Hotels

ResultsMail has streamlined our communications, saved time in managing multiple mailing lists, and improved attendance to our sales events, increasing our productivity and bottom line. We reduced bouncebacks by 30 percent...our delivery rates are now at 80-85 percent.

Christopher F. DeSantis Associate Director, Western Section American Urological Association

ResultsMail's creativity and flexibility made us look like superstars! The quality of service and comprehensive data that you provided saved us a lot of time and money. Thank you for all of your hard work and expertise!

Mary Ellen Eichler Manager, Worldwide Sales, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

The results for us have been fantastic! We see a 20% increase in sales with every email campaign.

Lary Finn President, Memory Lane Out-Of-Print Records

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