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Email Marketing is the best way to get your brand, your message, your product or your special offer in front of thousands or hundreds of thousands in seconds. At ResultsMail we make it easy to do it right. We draw on our experience of working one on one with thousands of different companies across the globe over the last 14 years to provide a service that simply works.

Easily Design Beautiful Emails

Designing beautiful, professional emails in minutes is what ResultsMail is all about.

We have specially designed templates for every need. If you have your own design, we make it easy to just drop it in.

We don't charge extra for image storage either.


Get Your Lists Together

Your lists are gold. We make sure that they are easy to upload, easy to maintain and that you have control of every detail. We even remove duplicates and invalid addresses for you automatically.

ResultsMail only charges for what you send, so you don't have to play games of removing addresses from your list to stay under a preset limit. Keep all of your lists with us and just send to who you need to.

ResultsMail also provides you with the tools to set up a subscriber form on your website so that your list can grow on its own!


See the Results!

As soon as you click send, ResultsMail servers get to work tracking Opens, Clicks, Bounces, and Unsubscribes.

Click past the graphs and discover exactly who is reading your message or clicking on your links, and if you'd like to, export the lists to a spreadsheet and use it to follow-up on prospects while they're hot.

Keep Your List Clean

ResultsMail works behind the scenes to protect your sender reputation. When an email address is rejected as undeliverable, it is automatically removed from your list. The same goes for addresses that have unsubscribed. There is nothing to worry about on your end, ResultsMail handles it all for you.

Send From the Address You Need To

Do you have more than one person that needs to send from your account? Perhaps you have many different sales representatives or multiple departments and locations for your business. ResultsMail provides a unique tool for managing multiple senders and footers. When you send a campaign just select from your list of senders and the campaign will go out from that sender with their pre-designated From name, Reply-to email address, and company name and address for the footer.

Personalize Your Emails

ResultsMail makes personalization a breeze. Just add the token for First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Email or a Custom field to the Subject line or body of your message, and it will automatically be merged from your list when you click send.

Create Email Marketing Campaigns


Manage your Email Marketing Lists


Analyze Your Email Marketing Results


ResultsMail took the guess work out of emails reaching our clients! It's been a great tool to get a message out and see the results right before your eyes!

Bob Arrivillaga Director of Sales, KSL Resorts

ResultsMail's creativity and flexibility made us look like superstars! The quality of service and comprehensive data that you provided saved us a lot of time and money. Thank you for all of your hard work and expertise!

Mary Ellen Eichler Manager, Worldwide Sales, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

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